Kimpton De Witt bar Kimpton De Witt bar Kimpton De Witt bar

Like a fine whisky, our bar is getting better over time.

Due to refurbishing our bar will be closed till mid April.

While the aging process is being finalized, please find your way to our restaurant Wyers for both food & drinks. Curious what we are distilling? Follow @housebaramsterdam to find out first hand.

An Amsterdam Craft Cocktail Bar Experience

The “house” in House Bar is a 1645 Dutch family home that’s been reinvented as an Amsterdam cocktail bar. With a passion for the craft, our bartenders make experiential cocktails that serve as a pretext for conversation. Historic on the outside, modern at heart, we’re serious about our beverages and adamantly unserious about everything else. Spirited originals. Cheeky new inventions. Interesting finds. There’s a lot to try. So, come early, stay late and sip heartily.